Empowering your future value in the present

Who we are

The Finance and Investment Students’ Association (FISA) along with its subsidiaries the John Molson Investments’ Society (JMIS) and the John Molson Trading League (JMTL) represent over 2000 Finance students who are majoring in Finance at the John Molson School of Business. We represent over 20 percent of the student population and are one of the largest Finance student associations in Quebec.

What we do

FISA specializes in bridging the gap between theory and the real world through training sessions, information sessions, as well as cocktails, conferences and competitions. With so many events, we offer students all the tools, tips and real-world situations necessary for them to polish their skills as well as to surpass academic benchmarks. With a vision of integrating students, faculty-staff, as well as external partners, our mandate is to integrate finance students into the industry’s environment through mentorship and guidance.

Our mission

We help students prepare for real-life challenges that they will be facing upon graduation by creating memorable experiences through various events. By involving faculty and staff in our events, we aim to create synergy between all of JMSB’s finance communities.